How Do You Build a secluded Area in Your Garden?

Build a secluded Area in Your Garden

If you want to build a secluded area in your garden, you need to choose a spot that is calm and free from noise. Building a secluded spot in your garden allows you to relax and unwind after a hectic day at work. Whenever you want to spend some time alone, you can just go to your garden. If you are contemplating creating a secluded area, this article will teach you how to build one.

 How To Build a Secluded Area in Your Garden

1. Build Secluded Area With a Pergola


You can build a secluded area in your garden with a pergola. A pergola is a perfect spot to relax and unwind any time of the day. Build a pergola in your garden and use it as a cool spot where you can relax without disturbance. For added privacy, you can even attach curtains to the sides of the pergola.

The curtain will serve as a shield protecting you from your neighbours prying eyes. To make your relaxing in the pergola more enjoyable, install a retractable awning. The roof will protect you from direct sunlight whenever you are relaxing outdoors in summer.

2. Plant Trees Around Your Garden

Use trees to create a secluded area in your garden. Planting trees around your garden can block your garden view from the outside. Plants fast-growing trees in your garden to create a secluded spot. You can plant evergreen trees around your garden. The tree will block your garden view and will provide shade at the same time.

3. Use Lattice Fence to Build a Secluded Area

Lattice Fence

Another way to create a secluded area in your garden is by building a lattice fence.  A lattice fence won’t shield you completely but will provide you with the privacy needed. With a lattice fence in your garden, you can place a reclining chair outdoors and enjoy your private time. You can even entertain your guests in your garden without your neighbour’s peeping. The lattice fence will block your neighbour’s view, thus making you feel more comfortable in your garden.

4. Create a Secluded Area With Plants

If you want to build a secluded area in your garden, use plants. Choose the spot you want to use and grow tall plants around the place. The plants will block you while you are enjoying your private time. You can grow tall perennial plants like Hardy hibiscus, Lavender, Coneflower, and Shata daisy. These plants will serve as a screen, thereby shading you while relaxing outdoors.

5. Use Structures to Your Advantage

Applying Decking

You can use a structure in your garden to block you from your neighbour’s view. For instance, you can create privacy by building a deck behind a wall. You can unwind outdoors on your deck comfortably using the wall as a shield.

Apart from that, you can also use containers. Use a large container to grow tall plants to block your view. Place the potted plants on your deck to shield you from prying eyes.

6. Grow Hedge to Create a Secluded Area

Hedges are great for providing privacy. You can build a secluded area in your garden with a natural or artificial hedge. An artificial hedge is easy to install and doesn’t require watering to maintain its look. They are available in different sizes that will suit your needs.

If you don’t want to go artificial, you can grow your hedge. Growing a natural hedge requires patience and care as you will have to wait for it to grow. You will need to water the plants to maintain their growth. When going for a natural hedge, choose evergreen varieties like arborvitae. Arborvitae provides year-round screening and won’t lose its leaves in winter.


How do you build a secluded area in your garden? You can build a pergola, lattice fence, grow trees, and plant hedge to create a secluded area.

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