I-Sopod: Pure and serene retreat to relax your senses

i sopod
After a hectic day at work, we just need a fresh and calm atmosphere to shed the work anxiety and relax our senses. A team of professional designers and engineers at Floatworks has designed a floating tank that promises to settle down your nerves with an astounding floating experience. Called “I-Sopod,” the floating pod featuring revolutionary filtration system (operating at 1 micron) presents a pure and relaxed atmosphere to calm your mental strain. The pod makes use of refined marine grade stainless steel in the pipe work, while the fiber construction is reinforced by double-skinned glass. The I-Sopod not just provides an ideal atmosphere for relaxation but its unique design gives it an artistic look. Moreover, the pod comes with a remote control with digital LCD screen, enabling users to organize their floating sessions with minimum fuss.

i sopod 1

Via: Tuvie

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