Illuminate your small outdoor parties with ‘Lighted Patio Umbrella’

lighted patio umbrella 05

Developed by Punt Mobles, the “Lighted Patio Umbrella” is a cool outdoor furniture unit to chill out with family and friends on your patio, deck, by the pool or in the yard. Employing a central mast with an internal LED system, covered by a circular, waterproof umbrella, to illuminate at night, the lighted patio umbrella features a metal foot stylishly to cover the electrical connections at the base. Moreover, the Po’light umbrella integrates two round tables, i.e. the poser table that is 105 cm high and 65 cm in diameter and the dining table that measures 75 cm high and 100 cm in diameter, to arrange small outdoor parties. While the whole unit measures 200 cm high and 180 cm in diameter.

lighted patio umbrella 01
lighted patio umbrella 02
lighted patio umbrella 03
lighted patio umbrella 04

Via: Trendir

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