iPhone application to move wheelchairs

moving wheelchair

A team of researchers from the School of Engineering of Singapore’s polytechnic has achieved the impossible. This out-of-the-box idea is worked upon by a research team of seven members comprising of five students and two lecturers. This time the technological advancement is going to be a life saver for the less privileged ones like disabled or paralyzed.

The technology in question is the most advanced iPhone application that will let a smartphone to read and interpret brain signals of the user to transmit commands to the chair to move it forward, backwards, right, or left as per the needs. This sounds amazing and is truly a remarkable achievement by the researchers.

A special headset is required to run this application that will help to convert the brain waves into electrical signals and transfer them to the phone. This technology will help the users have full control over their wheelchairs. In order to move the chair, the user has to focus on a physical object kept at a distance to guide and move the wheelchair. To stop the movement, the user has to just stop focusing on that object and it will cease moving any further.

Looking at this tremendous achievement, we wish to have more such advancements in future, offering similar wonderful experiences to the less privileged groups.

Via: Cell-phone-plans/ Radical Technology

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