Is 5G going to change the world?


There was the industrial revolution and there will be the 5G revolution. The evolution of mobile technology to the highest level (as of now) is certainly something to look out for. The planet will be closely connected, with seamless connection between people, devices, gadgets and vehicles. Many businesses might change the way they conduct business, foregoing desktops and using only mobile apps. How else is 5G going to change the world? Let’s take a look.

How is 5G going to change the world?


5G connectivity is set to transform our lives – there are thousands of IOT devices and gadgets which would be on the market, using this latest technology. Autonomous cars would be connected to roads they drive on, AR would empower people to learn about their purchases and doctors would be connected to the medical devices of their patients, and get to know of any malfunctions instantaneously. The large amounts of data would be able to be processed and managed, exposing us to new levels of connectivity.

When will 5G be available

5G is right around the corner – in fact, Huawei, China’s largest smartphone company is expected to launch 5G enabled phones by the end of 2018. When will 5G be available to the rest of the world – soon, as there would be many 4G networks which would support 5G smartphones by 2019, as soon as governments set standards and allot the spectrum to existing networks.

So when will 5G be available to you? You, along with one billion phone users will be able to use 5G within the next 5 years.

How will 5G change the way we use the net

Super fast download speeds


Get ready to experience downloading the heaviest files in a matter of seconds. you must have appreciated 4G download speeds but 4G has a speed of 1 GB per second. Whereas the peak time speed of downloading of 5G is 20 GB per second! It’s a mind boggling 20 times faster than 4G.  Though you can’t expect peak speed at all times, still 5G is expected to be at least 10 times speedier than 4G. 5G going to change the world and your personal mobile experience for sure!

Autonomous flying and driving

Experts are excited about this latest technology, which they predict may finally propel autonomous connected drones and cars into popular use. Many have termed 5G as the ‘oxygen’ for autonomous cars, due to its whopping speed as well as ability to calculate/compute in real time. 5G going to change the world as it will be able to connect cars to buildings, traffic lights, other vehicle, roads and people in ways which are beyond the scope of 4G.

This would result in the creation of smarter, safer and better autonomous drones/vehicles which can reroute instantly, estimate correct arrival times, avoid accidents and keep the streets safe.

Improved precision


5G would use radio frequencies which are higher as well as more directional. 4G sends data in all directions, which might waste powers and weaken connection to the net. 4G uses frequencies which are less than 6 GHz, whereas 5G will use the high frequency range of 30-300 GHz.

The larger frequency means that data will be supported without interfering with a host of other wireless signals and the networks will not become congested easily.

5G uses shorter wavelength. Thus, there will be no need to add a huge number of mobile towers as the shorter antennas will be able to support one thousand more connected devices/meter than 4G. 5G will thus enable data to be provided to more people but with much less disruption and latency.

5G networks will make mobiles and other devices more user friendly. This is because 5G can understand the amount of data being requested and accordingly will self-modulate power modes. This means it will go on low power mode when browsing and high when streaming HD video etc.

Low latency and more bandwidth will provide an immersive video and AR experience

Low latency levels of 5G means that it will take less time for signals to travel, and less time would be latency of one millisecond on 5G. Not only will page browsing become almost instantaneous, but the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality spheres would offer a much more immersive experience.

AI as well as machine learning technologies offer huge potential but require low latency and high bandwidth for optimum results. The gaming industry is rejoicing as 5G attributes will allow for real time gaming without disruption. The line between artificial reality and reality will become even more blurred. For example, Pokémon will not only appear in different places in reality, but will also interact and move in real environments in real time. 5G is going to change the world of AR, VR and gaming and take it to the next level.

Robotic surgery


5G would empower surgeons to perform surgeries from thousands of miles away as there would be no glitches and connectivity would not have any down time. This is another way how 5G going to change the world, as healthcare and critical surgeries would be accessible to many serious patients all over the world.

Video watching will be a seamless experience

Video sharing and watching on social media mushroomed with 4G and is expected to escalate across apps and social media services with 5G.

According to an AT&T report, video watching grew 75% more and smartphones drove 75% data traffic to the network. Binge watching of videos on smartphone is now common and embedded in our culture.

Greater cloud-device interaction


5G would offer users real-time access to limitless storage as well as processing power, which is not the case with 4G currently.

5G will transform the world as we know it. Many application which are impossible now will become possible. In fact, Qualcomm is on the path of creating ‘smart factories’ in collaboration with GE, Honeywell and Ericsson. There are new and exciting things in store for us consumers, and we will have to wait, watch and enjoy the benefits of 5G when it arrives.

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