LG 3D mobile phone with photovoltaic cells and expandable touch display

lg 3d mobile phone 04

Conceived by Czech designer Petr Kubik, the “3D Mobile Phone” is a 66 x 133 x 14mm pocket device with an expandable touch display screen that slides out to the sides to a luxurious dimension of 177 x 104mm. Developed for LG, the cellphone concept also locates photovoltaic cells, in the back of each slide panel, to juice up the device from sustainable energy. The user can control application icons in a 3D environment with the help of an interactive stylus and 3D glasses stored conveniently at the rear of the phone. Moreover, the futuristic cellphone allows the collection and storage of 3D photographs as well as recording of 3D movies to enhance the experience of the user.

lg 3d mobile phone 01
lg 3d mobile phone 02
lg 3d mobile phone 03
lg 3d mobile phone 05jpg
lg 3d mobile phone 06Petr
lg 3d mobile phone 07

[Cheers Petr]

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