Newsmy XO MP3 player becomes a makeup mirror for trendy music lovers

thinnest mp4 3
Seeing the new XO MP3 player from the largest Chinese PMP manufacturer Newsmy (earlier known as Newman), it would be difficult to predict how much different the digital audio players will look like in the days to come. Adding a touch of sophistication to the PMPs, the glossy XO MP3 player doubles as makeup mirror for trendy users. The 5mm-thin player, dubbed MP4 by Newsmy, plays AVI video files on its 1.5-inch color OLED display, and can play 2-4GB of AVI, MP3, WMA, APE and FLAC, with minimum fuss. Priced at $40 (starting), the stylish player also includes a voice recorder and FM radio.

thinnest mp4 1
thinnest mp4 2
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Via: Gizmodo/Dvice/Pmptoday

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