OLED paneled TV, Photo frame and window offers mindboggling options

oled technology 1
How many times have you fretted over all of this – the size of your TV being too big or too small, the inability to frequently change the images in the picture frame or even control the amount of sunlight entering the room? Industrial designer Felipe Corda envisions your future with OLED technology based TV, digital picture frame and window to ease out your troubles and make you happy. The farsighted designer’s concepts are operable by individual control panels that allow access to multiple features that function to the best.

oled technology 2
You can control the size of your TV and decrease or increase the viewing area and much more. Digital picture frame makes it easy to change the images umpteen times by choosing from the layout. As far as the window is concerned you can determine the quantity of sunlight entering the room by choosing its translucency, opacity and luminosity.

oled technology 3
oled technology 5

Via: Behance

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