Pee-Tree lets you pee in the streets without a fine

pee tree

People willingly or unwillingly might not refute nature’s call and indulge in the iniquitous yet indispensable practice of peeing on a wall, or a tree for that matter, resulting in dreadful odor and unhygienic atmosphere on the streets. However, designers worldwide are striving to make streets, especially in urban environment, clean and odorless for the passersby. Earlier, we saw Axixa by Mexican designer Miguel Melgarejo, about a month back, and now we have “Pee-Tree” by Joa Herrenknecht that provides another hygienic way of peeing on the streets. Featuring an abstract form and dimension of a tree, the Pee-Tree is finished in bright white ceramic, so it could easily be seen from distance in urgent situations. After you are relieved, the urine is directly flushed down to the underground sewage canal to avoid the odor. Therefore, the Pee-Tree not only provides an open public toilet for men, but also maintains cleanliness on the streets.

pee tree 01
pee tree 02
pee tree 03

Via: Peepee

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