Colorful Peugeot NJooy replaces tires with balls

peugeot njooy concept 2

Driven by the desire to explore the different ways of moving a car, industrial designer Wesley Saikawa designed the Peugeot NJooy Concept. Conceptualized under the theme of “P.L.E.A.S.E. innovate!”, this concept car grabbed the first runner-up position at the 4th Peugeot Design Contest. The concept car stands apart from the crowd for its unusual make, where tires are replaced by balls and the silhouette reminds us of the old F1 cars. The vehicle shows an organic shape with vivid colors and a place for just one driver, in order to keep the focus on the pleasure of car driving. The renderings are simply outstanding, but I’m afraid this car with balls will never see the light of day.

peugeot njooy concept 3peugeot njooy concept 4

Via: Wesleysaikawa

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