QFoglio becomes a puff for adults and an armchair for kids

qfoglio 01

Looking more like plant motifs, the “QuattroFoglio” or “QFoglio” from Rado Studio is a family chair that greets both adults and children alike. Allowing two separate variations, the functional furniture can be used either as a puff for adults, or you may just roll it over to turn it into an armchair for kids. Featuring a simple, smooth form, the QFoglio is not only aesthetic to look at but its ergonomic design fulfills the comfort needs of the users as well. Made in plastic that makes it lightweight for safe and easy transportation, the multifunctional furniture becomes a functional chair for adults and a toy to the kids without losing its functional purpose.

qfoglio 02
qfoglio 03
qfoglio 04
qfoglio 05

Via: Redo-Studio

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