Slimbus: Public transport perfect for crowded metros

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Keeping in view the growing traveling needs of metro cities in developing nations, Abhishek Biswas has come up with a unique passenger bus that will make its way even through narrow and heavily crowded roads. Hailed as the ‘Slimbus,’ the futuristic vehicle will be very compact, about 1.2 meters in width, in size and powered by the inwheel motors. The vehicle is basically meant for short distance journeys. The Slimbus will feature five wheels connected by the hydraulically actuated wishbones that allows the vehicle to lean into the sharp turns.

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Design Status:

The Slimbus is a concept vehicle that is designed for the metropolitan areas of developing nations.


Since the Slimbus is intended for community transportation, it won’t provide as much comfort and luxury as the personal modes of transportation. However, it will surely help in limiting traffic in the roads within the crowded cities of developing nations like India and Brazil.


Abhishek Biswas is a student of transportation design, who is presently pursuing two masters in transportation design, one from the National Institute of Design, India and the other from Domus Academy, Italy. He is currently based in Milan. He was also involved in the ideation of two concept vehicles with TVS motors, displayed at the New Delhi auto expo 2008.

[Thanks Abhishek]

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