Tombstone: A natural abode for departed souls

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When you are dead, I guess where you rest matters little; except perhaps to those left behind. Loved ones, often go to great lengths to ensure a unique tombstone for the departed soul. This is what inspires the unique “Tombstones” created by Stephanie Choplin. A student at the l’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, Stephanie created the Tombstone project in collaboration with Adrien Cussoneay. Her tombstones carry a natural motif and are provided individuality and identity. The Tombstones come in two variants – a marble and a bamboo one. The former can be made in black or white marble, and on its surface runs interstices filled in with green resin. The second variant is also created in black and gray shiny marble but is also coated with bamboo. The best part of the Tombstones, designed by Stephanie is a hollow that provides space for growing some leafy shrubs, rendering natural greenery to the grave. This life is perhaps a counterpoint to the departed resting underneath. More images follow.

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