Tips for designing a Bathroom for Mobility Solutions


A nice bathroom that is both practical and enjoyable to use is something everyone aspires to have – without one, looking and feeling good can be more of a grind. But, for people with disabilities designing and installing a new bathroom can be a little tricky. There are things like cold water immersion therapy tub that are easy for them to use. However, they are not enough, With that in mind, we have put together some handy tips to help design a bathroom that will meet the needs of those with restricted mobility.

Don’t Compromise on Design 

There is absolutely no reason why a bathroom designed for someone with a disability or who have restricted mobility can’t be stylish and luxurious. So, when looking to plan there’s no reason why you should compromise. One of the first things to do may be to consult a company who are specialists in mobility solution bathrooms and take it from there. Before doing so, however, make a list of what exactly it is that you are looking for.

Get the Basics Right

Getting the room itself right before starting to add fittings is essential. For example, it may be that a wet room is the best solution, this way there is no need to worry about getting the floor wet while using the bathroom. Wet wall panels that are easy to keep clean are also worth considering, as is cushioned flooring that can ease the blow should the user fall.

Once the basics have been decided on, then it is time to look at the features and fittings.

Features and Fittings

Everybody has different needs when it comes to their perfect bathroom; some will want to be able to take long baths, while others may be happy with a quick shower and so assessing those needs is paramount. When doing so also bear in mind the amount of space that is available, a bathroom with little space to move around in is not ideal for those with restricted mobility and so plenty of space for maneuver may be required.

Essentials, such as lighting also need to be considered and there are now some amazing design solutions to look at. For example, you can now get grab rails that also double as soap dishes and motion sensor LED lighting that make reaching for switches a thing of the past.

When all the user’s requirements have been accounted for, it is the time to get the work done and start enjoying the new bathroom.

This website also offers advice on motoring for those with limited mobility and so check the autos section for more details.

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