Top 6 trending men’s haircut to try in 2018


It has never been easy to determine the ideal hairstyle for men. With hundreds of new hairstyles popping up every now and then, finding the perfect look has become more difficult than ever. By the looks of it, it seems as if convenience has taken over the style quotient. As a result, men’s hairstyles with shorter hair have gained more popularity in the recent times.  The most common style is the one with short at the sides and long hair at the top. There are tonnes of variations that have been doing rounds namely, quiff, pompadour, undercut slick back, and the ever cool, the modern comb-over. The year 2017 has seen many new adaptations of the above-mentioned varieties and we are definite about the fact that 2018 will be no different.

We have made a list of the ones that we believe are here to stay.

  1. Fade haircut:

Fade haircut

Fade is probably one of the simplest hairstyles of them all. The low to high look has been dominating the list of trendy hairstyles for years. In fact, the current adaptations that have come up in recent times all have a common basic fade twisted and turned to give that perfect look. As the name suggests, it refers to the fading of the layers as we move from the top to the sides. The most common ones that one can spot are the mid, low, high and bald fades. It all depends upon one’s preference and likeness.

  1. Undercut:


The undercut is back with a bang. It can rightly be termed as one of the most popular hairstyles of the recent times. The best part about undercut is that, it can work with any hair type and any hair length as long as the difference in the lengths is prominent. There are plenty of variations of undercut and each one requires a certain approach in order to arrive at a particular look. The slick back is one of the most common ones, and has been known to give a pretty refined look.

  1. Man-bun with a beard:


This one is an odd man out from the list comprising of hairstyles with shorter hair lengths. Man-bun has been forgotten as increasing number of individuals have been opting for shorter hair look. However, if you have the right hair length you should definitely give it a shot and if possible sport a beard as well.

  1. Pompadour:


It involves long and voluminous hair at the front and comparatively short and trimmed hair at the back. The length at the front is purposely kept long to give a pomp look. The recommended hair length for this hairstyle is 2-3 inches with a base of the dry and damp hair. Be sure to apply the styling product and evenly distribute it along the length of the front and back.

  1. Faux Hawk:


It is derived from a Mohawk. One can get a faux hawk from a variety of hairstyles; the only requirement is that you need to have a hair length of around 2-3 inches. It all starts with a damp base. Styling product should be applied uniformly at the front and back. Gently use your fingers to spike your hair upwards until they stand on their own. Now start pushing them towards the center. One needs to have a good volume of hair in the middle in order to get the perfect look.

  1. Spikes:


As the name suggests, it is about creating spikes pointing upwards. This can be accompanied by fades or bald edges at the sides. Hair length recommended is approximately 1-3 inches at the top and the hairstyle can be applied to any hair type.

We hope our article has helped you make up your mind about the hairstyle that you should be opting for next time when you go for a haircut. But men’s hair care is as important as the perfect hair cut. We recommend you go with one which suits and takes you go with the one that makes you look sharp and compliments your personality making sure it doesn’t damage your hair. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for new hairstyles that pop up as you never know which hairstyle might prove to be the ideal one for you.

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