Travel Pod shopping aid seats you in comfort after a hectic purchase

travelpod  01

Designer Tiffany Roddis seems to be fascinated by fanciful future, earlier we covered the Ecoshel sustainable bus shelter and now the British designer has come up with another futuristic design that fulfills the anticipated needs of the 2050 urban shopping experience without cars. Hailed as “Travel Pod,” the futuristic shopping aid removes the stress of carrying heavy loads by offering a user-friendly means to transport goods in a more sustainable way. Integrating a seat to rest the user in comfort without damaging their belongings, the pod slips securely inside public transportation, for the futuristic buses would be specially designed to place the carrier, providing adequate storage space when traveling. The Travel Pod would provide an efficient way to move goods on and off public transport without wasting time and efforts.

travelpod  02
travelpod  03

Via: Tiffany Roddis

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