UFO Teapot: Start your day with an alien cuppa

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Seeing a cute little alien on your teapot might not be the best way to kick-start your day, but can evoke mixed reactions from visitors. The UFO teapot features a silvery crème color and is a major shift from the same floral and cartoon-headed fixtures. The guys at NerdApproved suggest that this teapot shows the healthy side of an alien, who are otherwise projected as skinny extra-terrestrials.

Design Status:
It is available for $79.50 and I have given my thumbs up for I am for anything that breaks monotony of predictable products.

The UFO teapot stands 7 inches with respect to breadth, length and height. So you can do the math and guess the quantity of tea our alien souvenir can hold.

Via: Gizmodo

About the Designer:
Andy Titcomb has been minting out-of-the-box teapots since 1983 and is definitely a pro in that area.

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