Understanding different varieties of plants to beautify your garden

There are many varieties of plants that you can plant differently in your garden to make it look as beautiful as one of the pictures of the beautiful gardens in magazines. We bring you the list of five varieties of plants to beautify your garden –


Foundation planting

Foundation planting help soften the straight lines on the perimeter of the house and give a natural move from the house to the flowerbed or lawn. For cold climates, evergreen plants will add color with their foliage, and trees offer enough privacy from prying eyes when arranged neatly across the border. It is important to ensure that they are not planted too close to the house as the roots may hurt the foundation and the branches may grow into the window.


Shrubs can be classified as evergreen or deciduous and can be grown to cover the landscape flowers, greenery and fragrances. Their height can vary from a few inches to 15 feet and can be pruned into beautiful shapes. You can cover the entire garden with shrubs or plant them as border as they are low maintenance.

Perennials and Annuals

Perennials and annuals add a great deal of color to the landscape and while perennials keep coming every year, annuals have a life-span of one year. Perennials are more expensive than annuals initially, but since they last longer, they more than make up for the cost. Flowering perennials can bloom for two weeks or for the entire season, while annuals begin blooming in late winter or early spring.



You may opt for evergreen or deciduous trees based on the climatic conditions and the variety you are looking for. The trees height can vary from 40 feet to 100 feet depending o whether the tree is and alpine, oak or any fruiting or flowering tree. You can choose bonsai trees too, if you live in a neighborhood where there isn’t enough space to grow tall trees. You can be creative by choosing tree saplings based on the bark texture, colors, fruit or flower variety and also the winter foliage color-play and also the amount of shade it will offer.


Vines are effective vertical landscaping plants that also offer a lot of privacy and work for covering damages on the walls. You can choose annual or perennial vines and flowering or non-flowering vines. Some vines twine, while others send out tendrils and still other cling with holdfasts or tiny suction cups.


When picking any variety of plants you must enquire about its sun, soil and water requirement and ensure the colors suit your garden.

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