Five fail-proof container gardening tricks

Container gardening is favored by gardening enthusiasts world over who do not have ample open space around their homes. However, helping plants to grow and survive in constrained spaces is in itself an art. We bring you 5 fail-proof container gardening tricks.


What do you want to grow?

You can grow almost any variety of plants in containers, but the treatment will differ. Hence, it is essential to first classify the plants depending on the container required, season or time when it should be planted, how often does it have to be watered and will it be placed indoor or outdoor. You have to be prepared for high maintenance plants that might require frequent care and attention.

Type of Container

You are free to use absolutely any type of container to pot a plant. Some plants grow wonderfully in old wine bottles, while many enthusiasts opt to shove soil into unused bathtub and convert it into a miniature flowerbed. There are many standard flower pots available in the market, but for the bohemian artists, any well rounded object within the home can be used as a plant container by adding a touché of color and adjusting it for the purpose by punching enough holes at the bottom to give a water outlet.

Beautiful flower pot framing house entrance

Soil to be Used

It is not always wise to fill the container with soil picked outdoors from the garden as this soil may have harmful insects, weeds and other types of killer agents. A better option would be to purchase a good potting mix from the local home improvement store. All the unwanted elements are cleared from this soil and it is enhanced with the requisite amount of Ph level for potted plants beforehand.

Watering the Plants

It is difficult to over-water potted plants since the water drains-off from the bottom, which comes as a relief. However, over-watering may cause vital nutrients also to be washed away from the container. Under-watering is not advisable, but until daily watering of plants becomes a habit, it is alright if you forget watering for a day or two.

Exposure to Sun

Sunlight is absolutely necessary for plants to thrive and you have to plan what plants you’d like to place indoors or the place where you want to place the containers as per the amount of sunlight the plants require and will receive.


Growing plants is akin to raising a pet at home and a lot of care and constant attention is required to ensure they thrive in the surroundings.

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