Visual Hearing Aid displays what others say via two projectors

visual hearing aid  01

We have already covered some unique aids in the blog, but the new gadget by Danish designer Mads Sukhdev Hindhede is possibly the most advanced and stylish in form as well as function. Entitled the “Visual Hearing Aid,” the device concept as depicted by its name combines the function of both the visual and hearing aid to display what other people are saying via two projectors to the user. Capturing the sound through two microphones to filter the speech, the device uses speech to text translation software on embedded controllers to display the speech as text via two projectors. Powered by a Li-ion battery, the Visual Hearing Aid also integrates noise-filtering software from hearing aids and video projection software from HMD technology, while the software can be updated via micro USB.

visual hearing aid  04
visual hearing aid  02
visual hearing aid  03
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[Cheers Mads]

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