What Maritime Workers Need To Know About The Jones Act

What Maritime Workers Need To Know About The Jones Act

The Jones Act, also called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is an essential law for sailors who have sustained injuries while working. This Act is designed to help maritime workers and support the maritime industry in the United States.

Despite the importance of the Jones Act, some maritime workers need to learn more about it. If you are one of them, this guide discusses everything you need to know about the Jones Act and why it is vital. Read on to find out!

The Rights of Maritime Workers

One of the most prominent provisions of the Jones Act is to maintain the rights of maritime workers working at sea. The law also protects them in case of any injuries they sustain at work. According to the laws stipulated in the Jones Act, all seamen must have adequate shelter, reasonable food, and medical care while working on the maritime vessel.

Employers of maritime workers must provide care from the unseaworthiness of negligence that might cause injuries. If you are a maritime worker injured aboard a maritime vessel, you need Jones Act lawyers to help fight for your rights. Jones Act lawyers will help file a claim for damages and pressure your employer into compensating your injuries and damages.

Jones Acts Is Different from Maritime Law

One thing maritime workers should know about the Jones Act is that it differs from maritime law. The terms maritime law and Jones Act are usually used interchangeably. This has made many seamen believe they mean the same thing. The truth is that the Jones Act and maritime law mean different things. Maritime law is the entire area of law that focuses on various incidents to observe industry regulations. The Jones Act is only part of maritime law.

It is an aspect of maritime law that focuses on the rights of maritime workers and seamen who get injured while working on ships or aboard maritime vessels. While the Jones Act focuses on a specific part of the law, maritime law governs all sea industry issues. If caught up in a situation that causes injuries while working on the sea, Jones Act lawyers will help you fight for your rights and seek compensation.

The Need For Jones Act Lawyers And Unique Challenges Seamen Face

While careers in the maritime industry can be lucrative, they come with unique challenges. These challenges can be personal and legal, especially for seamen working on commercial vessels. Maritime workers work in an inherently more dangerous environment than the standard work offices on dry land.

Suppose you sustain injuries while working as a maritime worker. In that case, some of the obstacles you might face are that your employer might argue that the accident was unpreventable instead due to their negligence. If this happens, you need Jones Act lawyers to help prove liability and secure compensation.

The Jones Act Protects Maritime Workers

The Jones Act is fundamental for the rights of all maritime workers. The conditions aboard vessels increase the risk of injuries, and this law is there to protect seamen if they get injured. Therefore, maritime workers must understand the Jones Act and how it protects their rights.

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