Wings of Nike car concept adds wings to classic supercars

won car concept

Reviving the spirit of victory and passion to honor the classic Formula 1 cars, designer Darko Nikolic has created a supercar concept dubbed the “Wings of Nike” (WON), representing triumph and ideal beauty in Greek mythology, which combines the blood rushing and sophisticated looks of 50s with seriousness of limousines of the ’30s. Capturing the sport heart in the sleek, stylish body of limousine, the futuristic sedan flow the lines to connect parts, spreading almost individually, along the whole body for superior aerodynamics. Powered by a 7.3l V-12 engine, capable of generating 750 bhp, backed by rear-mid based 7-speed dual plate clutch transmission, the WON features the red exterior finish to symbolize its sporty character, which further is enhanced by a chromed bumper, white circles on tires and doors opening backwards.

Placing the wheels closer to the ends of the car for better gripping and weight distribution, the Wings of Nike allows modification in the front diffuser to ensure easier airflow, without visible changes from the outside, and contribute sufficient down-force for better controls and engine cooling. Even rear-view mirrors are designed to increase the down-force of the vehicle, while ceramic breaks provide complete safety at high speeds. Employing carbon-fiber with aluminum sub-frames to strengthen the body, the supercar offers all-wheel drive for smoother drive at high speeds. Moving on 22-inch wheels with 111,2-inch wheelbase, the Wings of Nike measures 186 x 85 x 515 inches (LWH) in dimensions.

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[Thanks Darko]

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