Wireless Charging of Moving Electric Vehicles Might Soon Be A Reality


Technology plays a major role in dictating what will and will not improve our standards of living. There is much more to a way of life than money can earn. As we well know, we are now beyond living hand-to-mouth and are solely working towards earning luxury lives.

One such example is the electric car. As the name itself says, this type of car runs on electricity than fuel. Its electricity consumption may or may not be wireless. Wireless charging poses plenty of pros as well as cons, and a few of them are listed below. Let’s hear them out.

How is wireless charging going to revolutionize the automobile industry?

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Speaking of electric cars, it is a pain to have them standing stationary while you plug them in for your next drive. Wireless charging, at the least, will give you that liberty to charge your car as and when you go along.

It will also save plenty of time which can then be used for other productive activities. Wireless charging will be a step in the right direction for the revolutionization of the automobile industry. Though there may be some hiccups in the way to this transformation, we can address them as we encounter them.

What are the features of wireless charging?

Electric cars and other electricity-run vehicles have already hit the roads in 2017 and will continue to do in 2018 as well. Which is why roads are now coupled with wires and connections so as to enable wireless charging.

This works on the process of magnetic resonance with the roads and enables the car to get charged while it is still moving on the road. You can even choose to charge your car while you are stuck in traffic or in a queue. This will not only save your time but also charge your car.

What will its advantages and benefits be?

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The advantages are plenty. While some of them are apparent, the rest are hidden.

Convenient charging:

Although this advantage is the most obvious of the lot, it is also the most underrated. Charging is made super easy and convenient since now you won’t have to remain steady in one place and wait as your vehicle charges. You can charge it anywhere and anytime.

Time saver:

As mentioned before, the need for having your car remain stationary in one position while it charges is eliminated. This saves you plenty of productive time. Also, you can use this time to do something worthwhile while your car charges itself.

Easy on the pocket:

Apart from the first monetary investment, wireless charging is easy on the pocket. It does not require a hefty amount for you to maintain or carry out its functions. You can, instead, put this saved money to use for better purposes.

Saving fuel:


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Non-renewable resources are limited. Electric vehicles and appliance are already playing a major role in their conservation. With wireless charging, saving fuel becomes easier. This, in turn, means more people will resort to owning and using electric cars than fuel ones, saving fuel consumption.

Increased driving range:

Electric cars with wired charging have a limited driving range, post which they need to be plugged in again. Wireless charging gives electric cars an edge over other electric and fuel run vehicles. They have an unlimited driving range, thanks to wireless charging.

Faster charging:

True that plugging in causes transfer of energy soon too, but not as fast as wireless charging does. It is a boon in itself to use wireless charging for day-to-day activities since the process is unbelievably faster. More so because you don’t realize when your car is charging because you are busy running it. You can even utilize the time in the restaurant pick-up driveaway to charge your car fast.


The above-mentioned reasons are not all for you to consider wireless charging for your cars or any other vehicle. There are a number of advantages, apart from the ones given above, that come your way when you opt for a wireless vehicle. The convenience is unparalleled and unimaginable.

Moreover, wireless charging is the present and future of technology. We need to keep abreast with changing times and update ourselves accordingly. It is a smart idea to go for a wireless charging electric vehicle. You will soon see the results.

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