10 Creative and Cool Bunk Bed Designs for Kids

Kids’ rooms are usually decorated in bright colors and fun accessories. All the furniture should be functional, look great and the kids should enjoy being in the room as well. Cozy, comfortable, stylish and fun are therefore the byword while decorating a kids’ room And bunk beds fit right into any design scheme, as they come in a variety of designs. Curtain covered or one with delicate details, minimalistic and so on. Bunk beds save a lot of space and before buying you should have the room details with you. Check out a few cool and creative bunk bed designs for your kids:

  1. Creative bunk bed for boys in car shape

This is sure to be a hit with boys as all boys seem to be car crazy. This car shaped bunk bed can accommodate two boys, perfect for two brothers or for sleepovers. With guard rails in place, you can add some cool curtains with car motifs to give some privacy to each child.

  1. Fluffy bunk bed for girls

Girls love soft and delicate things and this fluffy bunk bed in pink and with its own storage is great for a girl’s room. Your girls can each store their dolls and toys in the storage provided.

  1. Bunk beds with stairs

Bunk beds with stairs are particularly great if you have little children and do not want them to climb ladders. The kids can run up and down easily without you having to worry about them. The open storage is good to store their bedtime story books and favorite toys.

  1. Curtained bunk bed

You can have custom made bunk beds like this one which can sleep four children. This bunk bed is ideal for big families with children of different ages. The reading lights on the top bunks lets the children enjoy reading their books at bedtime. Windows at each bunk lets in light as well as increasing the sense of space.

  1. Minimalistic design

A minimalist design for bunk beds has no frills but is functional and can save a lot of space.

  1. Large bunk bed

Some bunk beds can be extra large which can sleep up to six people, as the lower bunk can be a queen size bed flanked by two sets of bunks on both sides. Your kids, especially girls, and their friends would love this bed as it‘s great for slumber parties. It can also be used when you have guests over, especially during the holiday season when the whole family gets together.

  1. Puppet theater bunk bed

This custom-made bunk made functions as a puppet theater too. Extremely creative design which encourages kids to explore their creativity as well and put up their own puppet shows. This bed was designed with the help of one of the boys for whom the bunk bed was meant for. You could also encourage your children to help design their own bunk beds and they might surprise you with their imaginative ideas.

  1. Bunk beds with storage

A children’s room needs a lot of storage space to store the numerous toys, books, art and craft material etc. A well-designed room with bunk beds which have stairs that can be used as drawers will add to the storage and look good. The lower bunk bed can have side drawers as well to store as much stuff as possible.

  1. Bunk bed with wheels

This is a nice concept if you have enough space. The colors are cool and stylish and the best thing about this bunk bed is that the lower bunk can be wheeled out if required, or can be placed in any direction the child wishes. The lower bunk is actually a bed and by separating it, there is space enough to put a night table beside it.

  1. Bunk bed in matte finish

Set off by colorful wallpaper, this bunk bed for boys is in a stylish matte blue and is fitted with drawers to store all their things. The lower bunk comes out (a portion of it) which gives the sense of a bed and a bunk bed simultaneously.

Bunk beds are a good solution to save space and kids usually love them. You can design bunk beds for your children to suit all your style and space requirements.

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