10 helmets protecting you as well as your style


With contemporary modes of commutation, especially two-wheelers, getting superior and faster, helmets have become an integral part of modern life. For nowadays head protection gears apart from shielding the wearer from injuries during a mishap also allows them to flaunt their style on the road. Have a look at some of the most interesting headgears that do more than just protecting your head.

Immersed Senses

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Improving the limitations of current scuba diving system, designer Adam Wendel has come up with a futuristic device named the “Immersed Senses” that changes the way the diver sees, hears, and breathes underwater, allowing them to become a part of their surrounding environment. Immersed Senses is the future of underwater diving and exploration. Featuring a LED flashlight to let the diver to observe the dark depths of the ocean, the mask also includes a large OLED glass display to offer a panoramic view of the surroundings. Read more

CAIR Air Helmet

air helmet 01 gktoh 17621

Inspired by the Olympic pool of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, the “CAIR Air Helmet” by Szilveszter Buzasi and Herald Tremmel is an innovative air purifier that lets you breathe fresh air anytime, anywhere. The CAIR not only gives an option to breathe fresh air, but also creates awareness about increasing air pollution among the masses with its unique design. Featuring a compact filtration system, the air helmet sucks the polluted air at the rear and releases it at the front after refreshing it in the air purifier. Read more

Real Skull Helmet

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Xtreme Kreations have a Real Skull Helmet, which they seem to claim is made of a real human skull. Whatever may be the case, the skull helmet not only looks scary but also seems to be a warning about the impending death if you refuse to wear helmets. The shiny skull helmet has a hole on the top, which might have been a bullet injury, or maybe it is a message to the buyer that you are going to end up with a nasty big hole in your head if you don’t wear a helmet. Read more

Wind-energy-harnessing helmets

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A team of students at Cheng Shiu University have developed a new helmet that generates wind electricity to power two-wheeler’s headlights, tail lights and direction indicator lights. Equipped with a set of five small wind turbines, the helmet starts generating electricity when the bike is in motion. Read more

Tattoo Bicycle Helmet

tattoo bicycle helmet 01 zzzkr 17621

Inspired by the defensive shell of an Armadillo, designer Julien Bergignat has come up with a protective headgear called “Tattoo”which isn’t only lightweight and cost-effective but also 100% recyclable. Made entirely in polypropylene, the bicycle helmet flattens its wings to slip in a backpack for easy transportation, while the high absorption power of the EPP (expanded polypropylene) makes it safe and durable. Read more

Beetle Cycle Helmet

beetle cycle gsd7o 58

Designed by French designer Paul Loury, the ‘Beetle Cycle’ is a folding cycle helmet that not just protects you from injuries, in case of an accident, but it also provides comfortable handling as it easily slips in your backpack. The flexible helmet is both ergonomic and cost-effective, while sticking to significant safety measures. Read more


wind helmet 1 fbrgi 58

The “Wind-Helmet” is a concept by Malaysian Wai Hoong Leng. As the tag indicates, the Wind-Helmet is a recharging solution for bikers/bicyclists. Not that there’s a dearth of charging solutions for those using bikes, but as the designer says, all of these require extra equipment to be carried, while a helmet is always, well, there. In the Wind-Helmet, the wind power is harnessed as in a conventional windmill. Read more

Air snow-sports helmet

air helmet 01 iqagd 22976

Dublin-based Notion studio has created a trendy head gear named “Air Helmet” for snow-sports that not only protects the user but also allows air ventilation to keep the user fresh and set all the time. Featuring an exterior finished in hard plastic and an interior in breathable textile padding, the new helmet combines the characteristics of military, bicycle or climbing head protection, keeping the participants fresh and geared up for the adventurous snow-sports. Read more

Ear-pulling helmet

ear pulling helmet

Conventionally, navigation devices have worked by giving the user visual directions, this one however, is more of an ear-pulling thing that will guide the user by tugging gently at the ears. The wearer will be made aware of the directions through this “ear pulling,” which the manufacturers found to be more efficient and lighter than the conventional hand/arm pseudo pulling force method. Read more

Eco-friendly bike helmet

helmet 01 vor4w 25013

Designer Kyle J. Ferguson has created an eco-friendly bike helmet for Lacoste, keeping in mind the perfect look and the sturdy protection it provides. Fully clad with naturally breathable organic wool, Ferguson’s helmet appears less technical and secretly covers the interior vents. Allowing you the pleasure of a safe ride, its thermoformed bio-plastic rounded hard shell slides along the ground, in case of any mishap, to protect your head. Read more

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