Uboat provides urban lifestyle floating on the waves


There can be nothing more pleasing and peaceful than living in an urban styled space that gives you the beautiful water view. Well, this is exactly what the Uboat has to offer. This mesmerizing living space catering to urban lifestyle utilizes numerous advanced technologies to keep it off-the-grid. Like for instance 3 Schuco Solar Panels became the energy producing devices and incinolet toilet that burns waste instead of creating more sewage solved the sewage problem. The boat uses a geothermal pond loop to regulate the inner temperature, while the water needs are fulfilled by 2 different sources. A Heavy Duty PAR pump will help in collecting grey water, while drinking water is collected from rainstorms and filtered into a tank.

The stunning boat features a living space, kitchen, bath and bedroom. The big glass windows bring ample of light, in addition to giving openness to the dwelling. The Uboat is certainly the most independent, stylish and urban way of living without harming the environment.





Via: Behance

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