5 interior design trends from IMM furniture show 2013

Trends keep changing with time as the desires and preferences of people keeping changing. The same is true for the trends in interior design as they too keep changing every year and people keep getting new ideas to decorate their homes. Interior designing is an important business for every home owner as it helps them to give their home the perfect look they want and make it look extraordinary. IMM trade show happens to be one of the biggest events in the world and it highlights the trends that prevail in interior design. The latest IMM trade show was held in Germany and displayed some really good interior design trends for the people to follow.


This year’s IMM trade show was even more special and interesting because it was held in collaboration with Living Kitchen and over twelve hundred companies presented their designs in the event and these companies hailed from around fifty countries across the globe. This event was huge this year and lot of new trends came to light in the IMM trade fair. It happens to be very known fact it is the European design that marks the beginning of all the trends and it is then that they make their way to the United States. The people who visit this grand event will agree to one thing that it is nearly impossible to take a tour of each and every booth at the fair but it is not a tough job to get a whiff of the most popular trends that the companies are sporting.


The first trend that was clearly visible in the trade show was that the organic shapes are quite popular. It is a notion that almost every American has and that is that the European design is minimalist and includes only straight lines. However, what the Americans do not realize is that even the minimalist design can have organic designs and soft curves. This year at the IMM trade show organic designs were seen in almost everything ranging from kitchen fixtures to all kinds of furniture. Organic shapes were also spotted in accessories for the home.


The color options also keep changing with the trends and the latest trends say that the bright colors are back with a bang. The people might say that grey and black are still in fashion but that is not the case as they do not display hope. Bright colors were quite prevalent at the IMM trade fair this year and they sure looked great and beautiful. The bright colors were present in furniture as well as the home accessories. The next trend that was very much visible at the IMM trade fair was the trend of light and slim furniture.


People these days are hardly interested in bulky pieces of furniture and they have moved on to the lighter versions. The trend of thin is ongoing in every field like people are enjoying the sleek gadgets similarly people are also loving the light and slim furniture for their homes. The companies participating at the IMM trade fair had a lot of slim furniture that grabbed a lot of attention.


Details are very important as per the new trend that emerged at the IMM trade fair this year. Earlier some details might have been overlooked but this year proper attention was paid to every detail. The attention to details was amazing and enhanced the look to like a hundred times. The IMM trade fair sure had some great interior design trends to offer to the people this year.

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