5 Key Ways You Can Green Up Your Primary Suite This Summer


Now that summer has arrived, many of us are looking at ways to refresh our homes for the hot months of the year and get our properties ready for more at-home entertaining. One thing you might be thinking about right now, too, is how to lead a more sustainable life and make your place earth-friendly.

In particular, since we spend so much time sleeping, resting, and relaxing in our bedrooms, it’s wise to focus on making this part of the home more eco-friendly. Read on for some tips to update your primary suite this summer.

1. Clean with Natural Products

One of the simplest ways you can be more environmentally conscious in your bedroom is to make eco choices for the cleaning products you use in the room and throughout your home. Rather than using chemical-laden goods, why not switch to more natural offerings that will help you get things clean without the toxicity?

For instance, make your own solutions from natural ingredients (such as bi-carb soda, lemon, and essential oils, among other things), or buy products in stores that are certified as earth-friendly. Always read ingredient labels, though, and try to select cruelty-free, graywater-friendly cleaners that don’t contain nasties like phosphates, phthalates, petroleum solvents, and butyl glycol, among other things.

2. Decorate with Eco-Friendly Furniture and Accessories

You can also make greener choices regarding what you decorate your primary suite with. Utilize furnishings and fixtures that are better for the planet in at least one or more ways. For example, pick out a bed frame made from recycled materials, such as timber planks, bamboo, or other natural and eco-friendly options.

It’s also best to choose pieces produced locally in small-run, handmade batches rather than goods sprayed with stacks of chemicals, that utilize virgin timber, and get shipped from around the world. When it comes to your mattress, you can also choose one made of latex or that’s certified organic.

Plus, pick out chemical-free and long-lasting pillows, whether you need pillows to rest your head on at night, a handy wedge pillow for your legs, or some other design. There are also organic mattress toppers and plenty of kinder-to-the-planet bedding options. Pick out sheets made from organic cotton, bamboo, jute, recycled plastic, or other lower-impact materials.

It also pays to take advantage of any hand-me-down pieces you can utilize for your primary suite, such as vintage dressing tables, chests of drawers, chairs, or bedside tables that have been in your family for a while. You might also pick up rugs, artworks, and various other second-hand products online, at garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, etc.

3. Get Rid of Lead-Based Paint

Years ago, most of the paint used on the walls of houses, apartments, and other buildings contained low to high amounts of lead. Unfortunately, lead is a dangerous substance that can hurt humans and animals alike if we get too close to it. It can lead to seizures, brain damage, and death, among other problems.

If your home was built after 1978, you shouldn’t have to worry about lead paint on the walls or ceiling, as the federal government banned this product around then. A swab test, if you’re unsure, though, can let you know if there’s any lead paint to remove. When you repaint your home, select non-toxic paint to make your home more sustainable.

Pick paint that isn’t just lead-free but also free from toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Alternatively, if wallpaper is your thing, look for options that are also VOC-free and made from recycled or FSC paper, plus designed using water-based inks rather than chemical solutions.

4. Shade Your Windows

If you want your primary suite to be as green as possible, consider how much you currently use air conditioning or heating in the room. The more power you drain, the less eco-friendly your space is, so look for ways to reduce your reliance on air conditioning and heating. During the summer, rather than leaving blinds or curtains open and allowing the hot sun to shine and heat your bedroom up, draw the drapes shut.

Also, replace old, ill-fitting windows or those with very thin glass with newer, better options so you don’t lose cold air in summer or warm air in winter through gaps in windows and their frames. You might like to tint bedroom windows to block out the sun further. If you don’t currently have quality shades on all your bedroom windows, now is the time to invest in decent products, too.

5. Update Light Bulbs

Don’t forget that it’s affordable and easy to buy energy-efficient light bulbs now. If you want sustainable sleeping quarters, use up less energy monthly with newer, more sustainable globes. Switch out fluorescent bulbs for eco-friendly LED light bulbs designed to last much longer than old products and draw on less power.


These are some of the best ways to green up your primary suite but do your research, and you’re sure to find other ideas you can test out, too. You might like to make changes bit by bit to make your room more sustainable or make a significant update all at once.

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