5 Lovely concepts tables that also work as pet shelters

Those of us with small houses may find it difficult to accommodate a pet shelter indoors. Not to worry though, for a number of interior designers have come up with brilliant ways to combine a pet shelter with one of the most commonly found items in a home, the table. Here are 5 such awesome designs you would definitely want to opt for in your home as well.

Nidin Coffee Table Nidin Coffee Table

This creative piece of furniture is inspired from Japanese based origami furniture and offers a nice coffee table that can also double as your pet’s comfy shelter. The ergonomic design ensures that the table is fully functional and still offers a comfortable resting spot for your pet. The DIY assemble unit also comes with ultra-soft cushions from Italy for that extra comfort your pet requires.

Dog Bed Nightstand

Dog Bed Nightstand

How about creating a one of a kind pet shelter underneath the nightstand in your bedroom? This idea may sound appealing to those who can’t seem to stay away from their furry companions even for a second. This would be the perfect way to be as close to your pet at night without necessarily sharing the bed.

Cabinet Pet Shelter unused cabinet Pet Shelter

Have an unused cabinet in your home? Then consider transforming it into a shelter for your pet. Clean out the bottom rows of the cabinet and keep a soft mattress inside it for your furry friend. While some may choose to remove the cabinet doors for more space, you may want to keep them intact in case you want a place to ask your pet to stay in when someone comes home.

Hammock Table

Hammock Table  by Koichi Futatsumata

Designed by Koichi Futatsumata, the Hammock Table is a unique table cum pet shelter concept that would allow your feline friends to have their share of the fun without getting in your way. The low table features a stainless steel body and a glass table top. Beneath the table top is a rattan shelf in the form of a hammock where you pets can rest in when you work.

Shared Table

Designed by Goldtatze 1

Designed by Goldtatze, the shared table features a pretty unusual design that would appeal to cat lovers around the world. What appears as a normal table from above is actually a labyrinth of holes and passageways for cats to move around in. While the flat surface of the tabe would allow you to work on it, the tubes and passageways beneath it would give your feline companion plenty of time and opportunity to do some exploration on its own until your finish your work.

Pet shelters have moved on from the standard crates to more creative designs that can be incorporated into several household items, like tables. These pet shelters would allow you to be as close to your animal friends as possible in more ways than one.

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