5 Beautiful awe-inspiring washing machine designs inspired by the wheel

Modern day technology has gifted us with countless benefits which include appliances, instruments, machinery, software etc that are set to help us and make our life stylish, quick and comfortable. The washing machine is one such innovative boon that has transformed a once daunting task of laundry into an activity that is easy and time saving too.

Read below to browse through a range of selected washing machine designs that are inspired by the shape of a wheel. These are not only functional but also highly efficient and attractive.

Quinque Washer

Quinque Washer

The Quinque washer designed by Kyumin Ha is innovative, very attractive and far ranging as well. This is especially more beneficial for people who share apartments such as students or working people. The amazing washer comes with five individual laundry baskets that clean your laundry individually by rotating. All you need to do is to set the wash time and sit back and relax. The design of the washing machine resembles that of a Ferris wheel and is highly user-friendly.

Orbit Washing Machine

Orbit Washing Machine

This is an absolutely stunning washing machine concept by designer Elie Ahovi for the famous Electrolux Design Lab. Based on the principle of magnetic levitation, this innovative washer cleans your clothes without water – it uses dry ice instead. The machine consists of a high grade conductive sphere which is kept cool with the help of liquid nitrogen and a circular ring that incorporates its battery.

Liquid nitrogen is bombarded onto your clothes with high pressure causing minimal damage to the fabric, but blasting the dirt off the clothes. The entire process is extremely quick and leaves you with instantly clean and dry clothes.

Cactus Washing Machine

Cactus Washing Machine

The Cactus washing machine from Electrolux Design Lab is yet another incredible concept. The machine operates without electricity and runs on the principle of magnetic levitation and induction forces to clean your clothes. Water used for cleaning the laundry can be recycled and is stored for the next wash. The machine’s sleek design makes it extremely easy to store and use.

The HULA Washer

The HULA Washer by Sang-Soon Lee

Conceptualized by the famous designer, Sang-Soon Lee, the incredibly amazing HULA washer is an extreme all rounder – its saves water, it conserves energy and above all, it helps you have a gorgeous and well maintained body! All you need to do is to wear this machine around your waist and tumble around to clean your clothes. However, its still an imaginative concept and the capacity of the machine is still a big question.

Bike Washing Machine

Bike Washing Machine by Li Huan

This fitness-cum-washing machine helps you tone your body while washing your clothes. It’s unique design goes to the credit of Li Huan. The bike machine consists of a bike shaped washing machine where the front wheel is nothing but the washing drum. The machine can be operated by pedaling. Thus, it saves energy and burns your calories too!

With these hi-tech washing machines, and those you’d find at AJ Madison, washing your laundry is going to be super simple and real fun. All you need to do is to wait for them to be introduced in the markets.

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