5 Most extraordinary gadgets for expecting moms and their tiny tots

Motherhood is the greatest gift of the Almighty bestowed upon a woman. The transition from being a woman to being a mother is extremely exciting yet it brings along a great joy and responsibility for the entire life. A mother wants to give her child the best of all the things and to help you out at this today we have compiled a list of five most amazing and astounding gadgets for the would be mother and her new born.

iPotty – the unique potty trainer:


Taking your child to the potty for the first time and for the many times to come can be a real daunting task. With the all new iPotty, you would help your child have an entertaining lo time. The iPotty was first launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013. The device consists of a small tablet along with an adjustable iPad for your child to enjoy various games and apps while attending Nature’s call. Above all it will keep him engaged enough so that he would not become restless.

Skin maternity dress:

Skin maternity dress

This incredibly designed maternity dress is created by Marisol Rodriguez and has been designed specifically for pregnant ladies who frequently face the problem of their clothes getting tight due to their constantly increasing body size. The dress bears invisible slits that increase the dress size with the increasing belly unrevealing the fact that you are being blessed with a life within.

Minky Solid Happy Changer:

Minky Solid Happy Changer 2

Many of the mothers reading this article might have been acquainted with the difficulty one has to face while changing their baby’s clothes or cleaning him up. Whether you are a new mom or already have a child, this unique baby strap from Hulabye will help you keep your child secure and in place while changing and doesn’t allow the baby to roll or scoot.

Hygeia double electric breast pump:

Hygeia double electric breast pump

These are extremely comfortable breast pumps with programmable speed and suction levels. The most striking feature of the pump is that it has a recorder to record your baby’s cries and you can use this voice to stimulate natural milk production as and when needed.

Kick track:

Kick track

A mother wants the protection and safety measures for her child to be taken. Even in the absence of a doctor it is now possible to keep a track of your baby’s health with this amazing gadget. This device is designed to record the baby’s movements and maintain a record of the same. It can be used to set labor contractions.


These gadgets mentioned above are simply great and are very useful. From recording the baby’s movements to helping them at potty training, they will do everything for you. All you need to do is to sit back and relax.

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