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If you have a blog or website, you always want a high rank in Google. Google is the ultimate search engine for many people in this world. But, have you ever thought of another search engine other than Google? Yes, Bing traffic is much better than Google traffic. The competition to rank high in Google is much high than you expect. So, there are certain SEO tips that will help your website to reach high both on Bing and Yahoo. Well, both these search engines process more than 80% to automotive, telecommunication and education.

Here are the following SEO tips for you:

1.     Keywords

 accuracy of the search

Keywords make the big difference between Google and Bing. Google works hard to improve the accuracy of the search. Also, it tries to understand the intention of the searcher. It is called semantic search, which is mainly a part of artificial intelligence or machine learning. It will help them to understand the content of the page. Bing focus mainly on targeted keyword. If you search with exact keywords, then Bing SERPs rank much better. It also takes into consideration the keyword in H1, domain, meta description and H2 title tags. Bing shows local answers first. It also gives you a sidebar with other options to specify your query.

2.     Meta Keywords

For Google, meta keywords do not exist anymore. But Bing still prefers meta keywords. You should not neglect the meta keywords completely. If you want good search result in Bing and Yahoo, then it is one of the best SEO tips. So, there is, nothing to worry, and you can take the help of an SEO expert, and it will make your work easy and smooth. In Google, keyword tag is not considered as a ranking signal. While in Bing, meta keywords and descriptions have a big impact on search ranking.

3.     BackLinks


Backlinks are the proof that the user finds the content helpful. The information given in the page or website is informative, and the user wants to share the same content with others. So, backlinks are the best ranking factors and both Bing and Google have trust in it. Google measures PageRank of the content of domain links. High PageRank is always heavy on a search engine. Bing also consider high-quality links. But they put more focus on domain extension like .org, .gov, .edu. Bing also focus on the number of links one receives.

4.     Social signals

Bing openly accepts social signals. Even, social media plays an important role in the search engine result. If you can influence socially, then, then you will gain followers, and they will share your content and information widely. If you want to rank in Bing other than Google, then you should engage with your audience and earn more likes, and shares. Following SEO tips is helpful if you want to rank high in the search engines.

5.     Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Bing can understand the multimedia content. It also crawls very easily the audios, videos, and images. Bing understands Flash websites and knows how to crawl. Google still believes in high-level content more than images and videos. For Google, it is all about text-based content. Bing emphasizes more on multimedia content.

Let’s discuss SEO tips of various social media platform. You need to understand how these platforms work, and how you will get an effective result from the search result.



It is an effective way to communicate with people, fans and followers. It is a platform where you share your experiences and thoughts to stay connected with your friends. It is a business platform for you to promote your products and advertise them to maximize the reach. For both local and entertainment business, Facebook is helpful.  Facebook has a record of one billion searches in a single day. The competition level is high, and that is why ranking in Facebook is also high. Facebook is very particular about keywords, and that is why you need to choose the right name through which Facebook will help you keep high in search. Also, use the keyword in About, Description and Mission so that Facebook can find you easily.


Twitter is popular among celebrities. You can stay connected with your followers through your tweets. Also, the optimization is not too tough for Twitter. You need to use the real name, short bio and include a proper keyword. Also, the hashtag concept is also a popular one in Twitter where you will all hot and trending topics under the hashtags.



Previously, the platform is only there for entertainment video. But, with the increase in the number of searches and users, the popularity of YouTube is taking a high rise. Therefore, the ranking factors matter the most on YouTube. It has a separate SEO guideline that you need to follow if you want to promote your business video tutorials. YouTube also monetize your channel if you get good traffic and views on your videos. So, if you are passionate about anything, then you can make videos of the same and upload on the channel to attract organic subscribers.



Do you have a great camera? Do you understand the basics of good photography? Is your photo worth enough to create the story? Then, this is the platform for you. Apart from Bing and Yahoo, it is a photo related social media platform where you get genuine likes and followers on your Instagram page. You must be socially active to click and share every detail with your followers. They will stay with you connected and can relate to your life.

Final Words

If you follow these SEO tips, then your website or blog will reach high. These tips are practical, to-the-point and you need to focus on them smartly. Not only from Google but also you will get maximum response from Yahoo and Bing. So, make sure you follow the tips nicely. Also, you can hire a good SEO expert who can give you great suggestion on how to bring your website on the top list in the search engine page.

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