8 Best Fashion Pins Ideas For 2022

Best Fashion Pins Ideas For 2022

Creating an individual style can be tricky sometimes, especially if you aren’t well versed in the ways of fashion. However, there are some simple ways you can elevate your outfits and take them from plain to bang on-trend. One of the best ways to do this is to accessorise with pin badges! These nifty little things can really bring a whole new finish to your look and help you feel confident and fashionable at the same time. So, here are the 8 best fashion pin ideas you can try out in 2022!

1.   Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are an especially cool type of pin badge. These can be made into any shape, style, and finish and can offer you a unique look. If you’re wanting something more than the normal circular pins you’re used to seeing, why not opt for an enamel one instead. You can find ones in any type of design you like too. So, if you’re wanting a shiny pineapple or a colourful rainbow, an enamel pin is the way to go. You could even find ones in the shape of your pet too, with lots of places offering customisable options so you could create an adorablepug-shaped enamel pin to commemorate your furry friend.

2.   Slogan Pins

If you like to make a statement with your fashion, slogan pins can be just the thing for you. You can find anything from your favourite TV character’s catchphrase to an unforgettable movie quote emblazoned on a pin badge. These can be a great way to bring some pop culture into your style, with people recognising your pin badge references and possibly striking up a conversation. Even if your favourite movie or show is from years and years ago, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to find a pin badge for it.

3.   Retro Pins

Speaking of old pop culture, another fabulous pin badge style is vintage. Generally, people associate pin badges with a retro style as they were extremely popular in the 70s. Nowadays, lots of older fashions have come back in, which is why pin badges are a great way to channel a retro vibe. You can find ones that have stereotypical vintage images like “peace” and hippy flowers, but you can actually find ones that have even older fashion styles on them. For instance, if you’re a fan of ancient Greece, there will be one celebrating the Temple of Hera! You can also use the vintage-style pin badges in a retro way. Try pinning them to the back of your jean jacket or your backpack to really create that perfect 80s look! You’ll end up looking like a cast member of Stranger Things in no time!

4.   Random Pins

Sometimes, you might come across a pin that just speaks to you. It might be a cute little fox holding a cup of coffee or it might be a penguin that’s all dressed for winter. These pins might seem random, but they are actually speaking to your inner style choices. If you feel inexplicably drawn to a pin badge, don’t be afraid to get it and wear it with pride! They’ll give your look an eclectic feel and show off your personality.

5.   Political Pins

In today’s world, it’s become normalised to talk openly about your political beliefs and even openly display them online and even in your style. You can find badges that show your support for your political party andrefer to things you believe are an injustice. If you like to be daring and bold with your fashion, political pins can be the perfect accessory for you. They can also be a conversation starter, so if you’re passionate about what you believe in and want to reflect it in your style, try adding some pin badges that show everyone what you care about most.

6.   Tattoo Style Pins

Tattoos are extremely popular in this modern age, and they’re typically accepted as part of our culture now. However, if you’re not brave enough to face being inked, why not try out a tattoo style pin instead? You can even find them being produced by local tattoo artists, so you can support them in other ways too. You’ll be able to find ones that call back to the traditional style of tattoos, think bold lines and simple, yet bright colours. You’ll normally see this style of pin badge covered in skulls, anchors, and roses which are the designs you’d typically get tattooed. So, if you’re wanting to bring something a little different to your style without the lifelong commitment, then tattoo style pin badges are the way to go.

7.   Glitter Pins

If you love everything to be over the top and sparkly, then you need to check out glitter pins. You can literally anything covered in glitter online, and pins are no exception. Why not go for a baby pink sparkly doughnut? Or a black and gold shimmery crystal ball to show off your witchy side? Even if you have a more understated style, a glitter pin can be just the thing to add a dazzling finishing touch. No matter your style, there will be a glitter-covered pin for you!

8.   Literary Pins

Although books have always been popular, thanks to social media, they’re definitely making a comeback.This means more and more people will want to display their favourite novels while out and about. If you want the world to know that you’re a die-hard Brontë fan or you need to display your love for Harry Potter, a pin badge can be perfect. You can also find ones that show your love of reading in general, with cute book worm badges being some of the most popular designs. So, if you’re a book lover and want to show this in your style, why not try a literary pin badge instead. It’s a lot easier than carrying a stack of books around!

Pin badges are a great way to show off your personality and bring a sense of fun to your style. With so many options out there, it’s impossible to not find one you like. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go for something a little bolder than you normally would. Fashion is all about experimenting and trying something new, so why not give one of the pin badges on this list a go this year!

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