8- Style tips to be a good looking geek

good looking geek

Style statement differs from person to person. Fashion keeps changing and with the time it comes with something new and exciting. Being stylish doesn’t only have to do with only good looks and good looks; it is your overall appearance which makes you beautiful and attractive. What makes a geek more attractive is the confidence, the positivity and of course the overall appearance. This article can help you make the most of it and help in becoming an attractive human being.

1.     Confidence is foremost


The first step to becoming a good looking geek is being true to you. Yes, you must learn this important lesson in life. Fashion comes from within and being confident is the key. Confident people attract more people and look more appealing. Confident here mean trusting your abilities, instincts and any work you do, do with passion. Develop by focusing on what you are good at and do and try to work harder on that.  Just pay attention to the things you need to prove and work on those areas which you think needs your time and dedication. Focus on it and you will able to achieve whatever you want in your life which off course shows in your personality.

2.     Buy the best you can

Now comes the looks, the most important thing is to do not waste your hard earned money on best of everything. If you think, you can’t able to buy what you have preferred, then try to prioritize. Spend on the things which is important to you and which makes sense. Like paying more on t-shirt and knitwear is useless as it will fade away with the time is often wash badly. You can buy the desired leather goods like shoes, bags, belts and other accessories. If you want to add something expensive and worth, you can go for an expensive jacket which is always useful and worth the money spent and make a nice fashion statement. A jacket can give a complete look and it also makes plenty of wear out.

3.     Keep adding beautiful things but do not discard old ones

good looking geek

With time, try adding a number of new and fashionable clothes. The clothes which are in fashion. Here buying new and latest fashion doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your old clothes as fashion keeps changing and many things will come back in time in the latest trends. And the chances are you will find the same things in double the price. So keep them handy and as you don’t know when you need those ones again. 

4.     About perfect fit

Do not buy clothes which don’t fit properly on you or don’t suit you. It’s of no use whether you bought it from the most expensive designer or local shops. It’s better to have well fitted cheap clothes than a badly fitted expensive pair. Well fitted clothes which suit you well will ultimately make you more confident once you wear it. Always try out the clothes in the shop before you buy. If you are not sure or confused, just take someone with you for shopping. Get their advice and suggestions and ask them what suits you the best. They can tell you what looks best on you.

5.     Power dressing

good looking geek

In order to look chic and fashionable, one has to keep following the trends. Here the following trends don’t mean that you always have to buy stuff which is not in your budget. Go for something, which you think is important, in other words, something which makes you presentable and fashionable. Make some list like a nice pair of black, grey or navy blue suits, a pair of nice jeans which goes with everything you wear and gives a nice sober look. If you love bright colors, you can go for that too but remember to not overdo it. Just pair the bright colors with neutral and light shades which complement the look and balance it. The most important thing is you have to have confidence in whatever you wear. A right confidence can give a more fashionable look to any other person. And at last, make yourself present enough which should create the right impression. Remember, your first impression counts.

6.     Pay attention to your hair

Looking fashionable doesn’t mean that you have to buy fancy clothes only. Having nice tidy and neat hair is very important to look good weather for men or women. It affects your overall personality and looks. Have a clean, trimmed and well-styled hair and beard (for men). Again for this, you don’t have to go in the high Hi- class saloon or wait for the hairstylist appointment; your local hair experts can also do the same. They will make you good enough to make you look presentable and stylish.

7.     Wear Perfume and musk

Wear Perfume and musk

Now after having some nice clothes, stylish hairstyle, and right accessories, it’s timed to smell good. Remember smelling good is the important aspects to make yourself presentable. Choose the right perfume for yourself which gives a positive impact on the people you meet. The overall look completes with the right scent.

8.     Smile is what you need

A smile is the best things you can wear. There is nothing more attractive than a nice friendly smile. A smile brightens the dark room for sure. Always be proud of who you are and what you are accomplishing. Believe in yourself, if you do this, the smile can automatically come in your face. It makes you confident, happy and helps have a nice connection with anyone.

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