9 Unique Low Maintenance Lawn Alternatives For Your Garden

You probably love your lawn. But did you know that traditional lawns are not only high maintenance but also the chemicals you use pose a threat to the environment? You have to spend money on fuel for the mower. That itself adds to your electricity bills. Plus, the amount of water a traditional lawn need is mind-boggling. Choosing low maintenance lawn alternatives will help to reduce energy costs as well as save water. Moss, clover, ornamental grasses, and flower beds are not only eco-friendly but also look quite pretty. Check out these 9 ground cover alternatives to grass you can use to minimize or replace your traditional lawn:

Dutch Clover

Dutch Clover

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You might have noticed the Dutch Clover, with its pretty white flowers in field and meadows. This clover is actually an outstanding lawn alternative. It can be one of the alternatives to grass in backyard. It is comfortable and soft, extremely durable, and has a high drought resistance. It does well in areas where there is high foot traffic. As Dutch Clover grows slowly, you will hardly have to mow it. It is also naturally pest resistant. So, you don’t have to use pesticides. The only drawback is that deer love to graze on it. Simply put a fence and solve the problem. As low maintenance lawn alternatives go, this is one of our favourites.


Moss can grow in the shade. It’s simple to plant and grows only about an inch tall. It needs no watering, no mowing, and can withstand light foot traffic. There are many varieties of moss you can choose from, which have different appearances, thicknesses, and textures. You can mix different mosses to form a beautiful non-traditional lawn.

Creeping Jenny (Golden)


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This little tough plant that grows to a height of 3 inches is the perfect alternative to your turf. It changes color in different seasons. Its chartreuse color changes to attractive red during winter and becomes green at the beginning of spring. It thrives in partial or full sun and requires to be watered only in conditions of mild drought. The hardy plant can withstand light foot traffic. You can use these ground cover alternatives to grass in areas of your garden or lawn you don’t visit often.

Ornamental grasses

With ornamental grasses, you can transform your monochromatic lawn into an interesting and lovely display. These grasses – low maintenance lawn alternatives are resistant to drought, need very little maintenance, and thrive in any kind of soil. They don’t need any supplemental food in the form of chemical fertilizers and being naturally pest and disease resistant, they don’t need any pesticides either. They are mainly clump shaped, or grow into tufts and shimmering sweeps. They manage to hold their shape even in deep snow. They are quite delicate and cannot withstand foot traffic at all.

Golden sedum

Golden sedum

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This succulent ground cover alternative to grass grows to a height of 4 inches and grows thick enough so that weeds cannot grow in between. The bright and beautiful yellow blooms would look great on your lawn, especially as alternatives to grass in backyard. You can plant the red Sedum along with the yellow one, and the multicolored leaves of the red variety, as well as the red and yellow blooms, will transform your backyard into a riot of colors. It doesn’t need much water as well as any pesticides and fertilizer.

Creeping thyme (red)

The bright red colored blooms of this plant can make your lawn look magnificent. It’s an evergreen plant, turning deep bronze in winter. It can withstand medium level foot traffic, so it’s quite sturdy. Its low maintenance qualities along with the gorgeous appearance make thyme a hot favourite as a low maintenance lawn alternative.

Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff

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This is an edible herb, which tastes like vanilla, and has a refreshing scent. It was historically used to freshen homes. The plant has star-shaped leaves and delicate little white flowers. Any landscape can be beautified with Sweet Woodruff. The herb is naturally weed resistant, grows to about 2 inches, and unless you live in a very dry region, you hardly ever to water it. Like moss, it needs shade so you can plant it in narrow passageways.

Lawn alternatives reduce irrigation and chemical use to maintain your garden. They add texture, color, and beauty to your favourite outdoor space. They give you a sense of satisfaction as well by doing your bit for the environment in every way you can. For landscaping needs to help you replace your lawn, check out this great landscaping company.

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