Acoustics to wake you up

the acoustic alarm

Alarm clock is an essential tool in everyone’s life. But at the same time it is irritating too to wake up to the big beeps or traditional telephone ring like alarm sound. One Jamie McMohan has developed acoustic alarm that looks like an acoustic guitar with strings running on the 2mm plywood body. Besides looking like a guitar it acts like a guitar by playing soothing music automatically.

the acoustic alarm 01

Just like how one tunes guitar keys, one needs to tune the keys on the top of the body. By tuning so, one is going to decide to which tune he has to wake up. It can be sharp music or soothing sounds.
the acoustic alarm 02

When the acoustic alarm rings, one feels like he is not waking up to the alarm beep but to the guitar music. This makes a person to wake up without losing a curve on the face. While the body of the alarm clock is made of plywood, the tuning pegs, bridge and strumming pick are made out of walnut. Wax is applied to the body to ensure that it doesn’t lose the shiny look.
the acoustic alarm 03

The steel parts of the acoustic alarm are used to set the time. They are present on the left side of the body and there’s a flip switch to the right side of the body that will on and off the alarm. Even people who don’t love music are likely to love this acoustic alarm.
the acoustic alarm 04

Source: Walyou

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