Add Some Spark to Your Home with 13 Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

When can you say that your home is really a smart home? Are just smart HVAC system and smart home theater enough? Don’t you think you need more. Yes, if you want your home to truly smart, then you definitely do.  You can add that extra bit of smartness to your house by opting for any of these 13 innovative switches and socket designs.

13 – Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

With the advent of technology, it seems as if the number of electronics present in the homes of people has witnessed a considerable increase, which has directly resulted in more sockets, switches and electronic outlets for plugging them in. Most manufacturers do not deem it necessary enough to pay attention to the designs of these electrical components but there are a few companies which have realized the untapped potential this market holds and have decided to cash in on it by producing innovative and trendy switches that not only help you to power up the various electronic gadgets in your home but also keep the wire mess under control, save energy and hold more crowded plugs.

1. The Show-Off Strip

The wireless look is preferred by many since handling power cords is quite difficult, especially for people with kids. But managing wires is no big deal with the Power Bridge. Its stylish design does away with the need to conceal wires so that the room appears tidy and safe. The plug-slots in this durable strip are located beneath the bridge for improved plug management. Each plug outlet contains an indicative light that demonstrates the total power being consumed by that specific gadget.

2. Donut Power Strip

Designed by Ramei Kuem, the Donut Power Strip provides a convenient solution to the problem posed by several of the power strips nowadays, specifically the inability to hold the large power bricks that are present in a number of electric appliances. Each outlet is able to spin within its socket to achieve the best fit. The unique shape is also helpful for keeping cabling systematized.

3. Hang On Outlet

It is basically a power outlet equipped with a bit of extra lip to support your loose plugs, allowing you to keep your power management spick and span.

4. Smile Switches

These innovative switches use the power of emotional demonstration to remind and alert you to switch off the lights

5. Wind Up Socket

The Wind Up Socket is absolutely ideal for kids. It has a timer connected to it which severs the electric supply to the socket after the adjusted duration is up.

6. Rozektus Three Dee Power Socket

The Rozektus has the ability to lie flat against the surface of the wall unless more than a single plug is required.

7. ON Switch

The ON switch, conceived by Russian designer Burakov Denis, is able to remind people that the light switch at home has not yet been turned off with the help of the word “ON” written in big bold letters.

8. Belkin Time Outlet

A sectioned, stackable surge protector separated into four quadrants, each division of the Belkin Time Outlet indicates a time of the day. As soon as that time gets over, power is severed from that quadrant and turns on in the following one.

9. Floor Plan Light Switch

It can be challenging to remember which is which in a panel full of light switches. But the switches in the Floor Plan Light Switch are customized as per the floor plan of the room and function likewise.

10. Socket Like Brick

Socket Like Brick provides you the option to organize and put together a modular multi-tap according to your requirements. You need to lengthen or remove modules carefully and easily contain the various plug sizes.


11. Revio light switches

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Light switches are no longer boring. Take a look at the Revio programmable light switches by FirstHand Design and you will say the same. Apart from the sexy looks, the Revio programmable light switch features eight program scene buttons, a power button, dim/bright control, infrared receiver, iCAN network program, flash memory and panel switch. With the Revio, you can have different kinds of configurations and re-programming for light settings. You even have the option to insert the background of your own choice for the backlit switches.

Repairing, replacing or recycling of any individual part is easily possible since all the panel parts are separate. In a nutshell, the Revio programmable light switches are a perfect blend of neat design and high-tech features.

12. Smart Switches

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Introducing the multi-touch technology into light switches, Mac Funamizu has come up with the Gesture-controlled light switch that will allow the user to control all the lights simultaneously. All, the user needs to do is simply haul his finger across the touch-sensitive board, and the circular motion controls intuitively brightens or dims the light.
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Design Status:

The Gesture-controlled light switch is a design concept that has revolutionized the home or workplace light switches.
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The multi-touch switches will help users to save energy by avoiding switching off the wrong lights to hit upon the right one. Moreover, these switches could also be used for controlling the temperature of your home and office.
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13. Santido’s sensitive switches

basalte santido 01

Designed by Basalte, the “Sentido” is a lighting switch that stands for simplicity, comfort and quality. Moreover, it also complements the decor of contemporary places. Available in two versions, 2-way and 4-way, the Sentido light switch uses patented multi-touch technology to detect a multiple keypress. By touching more than one area simultaneously, an extra comfort function is activated. You can use it to switch all the lights in the room on or off in a single movement. It features pure and timeless design, thanks to touch technology and high-quality materials. The Santido presents a touch-sensitive brushed aluminum surface to control lighting, scenes or curtains at the slightest touch.

The Sentido not only senses your touch, but it has a built-in temperature sensor, so you can have the information of room temperature on the home automation system. The Sentido also has an integrated color LED that can be programmed to light up blue so you can find it with minimum fuss in the dark. Moreover, it can light up in any other color to display feedback information. The switch has an integrated bus-coupler to connect to the worldwide KNX standard, which you may program with the ETS software.

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