All Down to the Expensive Designer Booties

With the mercury precariously dipping all over the world, every woman who is stylish and every man who loves watching and admiring stylish women is all set to suffer a serious blow. The sundresses will vanish; the low cuts dresses stuffed behind the closet and worse of all, the disgusting business of layering up will begin all over again.

To add insult to the injury ladies, it will be several months before you can show off or let men take a dig at your knockers and caboose. Come one, there is no shame in admitting that you simply lurrrrrrrrveeeeeee the attention, most of you anyway. Unless a beach vacation is on the agenda, the 50 shades of layering is quite a threat to the usual open self. So what can be done?

Simple; focus upon the one part of your body which can be covered well and yet looks mouthwatering. Confused? Booties ladies, boots! What makes you happy when you are down? Shopping! And what makes you radiant when the world comes to the blows? Shoe shopping, correct!

So venture out and explore some of the most expensive boots in the world which will up your spirits and your sense of fashion. And yeah, will certainly do something about highlighting your caboose, though the knockers’ part is up to the warlocks!

[box_dark]Manolo Blahnik Boots- ‘Kahika’ Floral Cutout Boots[/box_dark]

Uncannily designed in florals, with the suede uppers, four inch heels will take your breath away once you look at them or hold it close. And yes, the boots are open toes, which might pose as a problem to many.

However, find that inner voice and you will know that this pair has to in your closet, even if you have to match it with stockings or something. Also, keep your plastic card-ssss ready as you will be paying a leg and an arm!

[box_dark]Giuseppe Zanotti ‘I08085”- Thigh-High Designer Boots[/box_dark]

So what if those sundresses are gone for the moment. You will certainly be looking at alternative options which will help you keep some part of your legs empty and that’s when these wonderful, practical and yet sexy boots will make everybody envy you. Black suede, ultra-tall shafts of 26 inches, shimmering crystal design and 1.5 inch heels, what’s not to love ladies?

And don’t worry about the prices as purchasing these boots will definitely set you back on shopping for a long time to come, owing to its very very expensive price tag.

[box_dark]Fendi ‘Vertigo’- Beaded Suede Designer Booties[/box_dark]

Unique and artsy, this pair of boots will certainly make women who love to dress up very happy. Animal print designed on black suede uppers with cutaway sides flaunts a style which is very bold and different. Further addition of the shimmering beads to the uppers has definitely made it something off the ground, highlighted generously by the 4.75 stilettos and the unbelievable price tag.

[box_dark]Jimmy Choo and UGG- Casual Designer Boots[/box_dark]

You can never go wrong with Choos and UGG further highlights the factor. Grommets, gold silver-toned pepperings pretty much throughout the boots will make you fall in love with cuteness again. The about $800 bill will wake you up, don’t worry!

[box_dark]Knee High Designer Boots- Proenza Schouler ‘Oi0800’[/box_dark]

With shafts of 14.5 inches and a .75 inch heels, your first thought will be on the lines of equestrian boots. Perfect for a casual look with pants, it is available in shades of brown, black and sand.

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