Amazing designs in drapes that keep rooms cooler

Summer is here are that also means that temperatures are rising, and the cost of cooling your home will also be on the rise. While the best option to cool our home is to use an air conditioner, the bills can be quite a nightmare-there are other options that you con consider if you want some relief during the summer without burning a hole in your pocket. Air conditioners can raise your bills and are also anenvironmental no-no. An alternative way to cool the home is to reduce the number of heat sources from within the home and remove the build up of heat from inside.


Shades, drapes, or blinds:

The Shades, drapes, or blinds should be installed in a color of white as this color reflects the heat away from the house. Rooms that face direct sunlight should have drapes that are heavier so that they can effectively keep out as much heat as possible, this will also help the fans and other cooling devices are more effective in cooling the rooms as well.


Choose the right materials:

Lined curtains and drapes are especially effective in keeping the room cooler, but the drapes must be in a light color. Awnings and other window treatments are great ways to reduce heat but draperies actually stay cooler during summers, drapes with folds and pleats lose the excess heat through convection and they are also a great décor option. The effectiveness of the drapes differs according to the color and materials that you install.



The color and the type of fabric are the two things to consider when you are using drapes to block out heat and you can effectively reduce the heat by 33%. The ideal drapes is a medium colored one that has white plastic backings


Exterior blinds:

Slats and exterior blinds can keep the heat out and also provide shade when the blinds are lowered, they also allow in air and lights to enter during the day, so the room is well lit and ventilated during summers without the heat.



If drapes are a bit too pricey, then choose blinds are they are a cheaper option that can reduce the heat by about 45%, they can also block out and reflect sunlight onto a light colored ceiling and diffuse the heat.

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