Applications that help you live a Greener Life

Smart phone applications are software that are designed to work on al smart phones, they are fun, interesting and can even be extremely useful at the right times. There are even some utility applications that can help us to run our households, manage our work and now you can reduce wastage that would affect the environment while learning some pretty impressive facts in the process.

The iViro Home Energy Analysis Tool

Application for a Greener Home:

The iViro applications is designed to help you to create a living space that is more sustainable and homes that will reduce wastage through efficient management. This application analyses the amount of energy being consumed by your house and displays a chart that details the patterns for the water, cooling, electricity and heating, it even includes your household appliances. It then uses this information to narrow down the total cost of his consumption and the amount of CO2 emissions from your home. The application doesn’t stop there; it gives you a list of alternative fuel suggestions and how to make your home more energy efficient. Another useful application is the EcoCharge; this will sound an alarm when all devices are fully charged therefore reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Energy is wasted when electronic devices are fully charged. GoodGuide can also be used in the green battle, this application works by making an assessment of products made from companies as well as the companies. This will help you to know whether the consumption of certain products will be good for the environment and health. This application has a database that covers over 170,000 products that are eco-friendly.  Recyclebank and iRecycle are two applications that provide useful information on recycling and list recycling centers across the US. It also tells us what can be recycled and how to do so, helping you to make a greener choice.

Applications for Greener Conusmption:

Living green also affects the things that you eat; you can use application like Seafood Watch and Farmers Market Finder to locate foods organic foods. The Seafood Watch application allows you to choose fish and sushi options that sustainable. You can even share the names of restaurants that are sustainable using the Project FishMap option and find directions to other similar restaurants that have been handpicked by other people. Farmers Market Finder offers the same services for fruits, grains and vegetables from over 2,700 farmers who have chosen to go green. Using CSA certification details, you can identify their operation hours, what kind of produce they sell. The application is only available to certain states in the US and will expand to other states soon.

There are applications that help you to control the fuel usage too; calculate the number of mile that you get from a gallon and how much it would cost. You can also keep a track of water consumption levels in your home using the ecoFootprint application.

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