Aqua Washbasin saves water, ensures hygiene

Aqua by Chris Millard

Water is precious, so its misuse in any form can lead to its critical shortage that will affect human life negatively. The product here in question will tackle with water wastage. Chris Millard has designed this ingenious wash basin named Aqua. It will be fitted in commercial restrooms and will aim to save water by almost 65 percent.

The helmet-shaped wash basin will make good use of efficient and direct water flow. It will cut down water pressure and, in turn, reduce the amount of water required for washing hands. It has been fitted with infrared sensors that activate water and sanitizer release when hands are placed over that area. The perforated design ensures apt usage and least wastage. Water comes out from these holes and falls on the hands. The top of this dome releases water that falls on the back of the hands. To clean and wash hands effectively, users are expected to move their hands in a circular motion. This will also help in exfoliation and maintain adequate hygienic levels.

Aqua will be coupled with regular plumbing arrangement. The system has been devoid of separate hot and cold options. Instead, water will be pumped at a set temperature (15 degrees) and will clean hands effectively. The high-end wash basin can be positioned at airports, hotels, bars, clubs, etc. Aqua is a great option to keep hygienic state intact while saving precious water.

[Cheers Chris]

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