backupower Mini communicates technical excellence with design simplicity

backupower wally mini

The easy access to USB port anywhere, thanks to the omnipresence of computers whether in the form of laptops or desktops, has given birth to a new charging device called backupower Mini. As the name suggests, the gadget utilizes the power that runs the computer to recharge the AA size battery via USB port. Extremely portable and substantially reduced in size, the charger can easily fit into your wallet. Besides, a single charge lasts for the entire day.

In comparison to these features, the conventional chargers seem primitive due to their bulky size and complete dependence on a power source. Equipped with swivel A/C pin, backupower Mini is highly useful to charge mobile phone in the absence of a normal charging source. Closed into a compact form (when not in use), the mini device reflects technological excellence crafted into the high-tech design. The device is a new addition to the Techtium’s range of portable chargers.

Via: NextofkinCreatives

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