PC-U6 Cowry Case: An irresistable aluminum art in form of seashell by Lian Li

lian li pc u6 cowry case

PC cases have gone through different styles and looks in the past. Now, with emerging new talents coming out in these competitive field, creativity is surely going through higher and higher phases. Similarly, a new creativity is seen in the design of desktop PC cases. One of them is PC-U6 Cowry Case, a stylish looking case by Lian Li.

Lian Li is a well known and reputable manufacturer of aluminum PC case in Taiwan. PC-U6 cowry’s design is a replica of a seashell which adds the fresh creativity that anyone would love to keep with them. Not only it’s a new approach against old box image cases but it also comes with various functionalities with it. It is designed for the Mid Tower Chassis with dimensions of 219mm (W) x 500mm (H) x 410mm (D) and net weighing in just 4.5 kg.

It comprises of one external 5.25” drive bay with 4 expansion slots and 2 fans of 120mm for the frontal area with a red LED kit. It has a set of two HDD bays for the use of either 3.5” HDD x 3 or 2.5” HDD x 2 and has the maximum video card size of 310mm.

The USB ports are situated on the frontal view of the case which has the range of USB 3.0×2 / E-SATAx1 / HD Audio. Also, this chassis is designed for Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards supported with full-sized power supply. Thus, it has all the essential features in a stylish and exclusive desktop case. It’s believed that this funky desktop case is to hit the market in the coming month at a retail price of $349. Hit the gallery below for better views on PC-U6 Cowry.

Via: Engadget

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