Carl Burdick’s Microphone to bring back the retro charm

microphone by carl burdick

Back in the 80’s everything was just so stylish but somehow, they have lost their charm with time. There was a time when people lured for fixed-line phones but they got swapped with mobile phones. Reviving the whole concept is a Microphone, that has been designed by Carl Burdic.

Shaped in the form of a typical phone that had a box like shape, the designer has tried to revive the bygone trend. The poised piece consists of a headset that has been wedged with an ear-piece. The ear-piece further has been made from a speaker that has a high music quality. Near the mouth of the phone is a microphone, which will make your voice travel directly till the receiver’s ear.
microphone by carl burdick 01
Answering a call is as interesting as the design. Whenever you get a call, answer by tenderly tapping anywhere on the device. An incoming call is notified by a pleasant tune that will not pierce through your ears. Charging the phone also has a streak of the retro style. Simply place the headset on the box like charger and see it coming back to life again. When the device is charging, a plantronics logo will let you know about the same.

Carl has used the 80’s styling and set an alluring pace in the classic design!

microphone by carl burdick 03

microphone by carl burdick 02

Via: krop

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