Life: The new paper-made water bottle

life sustainable water container

Since we all need to carry water wherever we go, why not carry it in the new paper-made water container called Life? By doing this, we can save our environment because Life has been made out of recycled paper. This water bottle was first presented to Comieco Expopack Design Competition in 2011. These bottles have been especially designed to be used during Milano Expo 2015.

Life has no harmful effects on the ecosystem. The design of the bottle is very simple. You would only find a double stitch that provides rigidity to the bottle and a green cotton cord wrapped with paper that allows people to hang Life on their shoulder. The eco-friendly design of this container does not use any harmful chemical.

It has been planned that for the promotion of Life, these bottles will be given out for free in the whole city and also during the Milano Expo. This service will help people to become aware of the advantages of this recycled bottle.

The thought behind designing these bottles is to help people carry water in an eco-friendly way. The introduction of Life will definitely reduce the use of plastic bottles, thereby, reducing a lot of plastic waste.

Via: Behance

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