Best 10 sites for buying vintage clothes online


Vintage clothes are not only the latest trend, but buying vintage is an integral part of sustainable fashion. You can find great pieces of vintage clothing in online stores, including stuff from celebs who list their vintage clothes for sale on sites. The other great thing about online vintage stores is that there is no endless rummaging, or somebody fighting with you for the same beautiful minidress. To help you in your quest for vintage clothes, we have found these 10 great sites for you:


This cute app is quite useful too. You can talk directly to the buyer, and the location services it offers can allow you to buy from local sellers. This means that you can get to check whether you are buying what you saw on the site. There’s no need to worry about the shipping part. It’s a mobile friendly site, and currently is available only in ten cities in the US.

ASOS Marketplace

This online store is a great vintage clothing site and has listed many vintage boutiques, independent labels and individual designers. The ‘people’s runway’ feature is really nice, as it allows you to see the clothes modelled on real people, and you know what would be shipped to you. The site’s blog offers great style inspiration too.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro has made a name for itself in the vintage clothing industry. It started in a disused, old, dairy factory based out of East London, and now has shops in many parts of London and also a store in Sweden. They claim to offer an unexpected and enchanting experience, and their online store also has some fantastic clothes you’d swoon over.


Vinted claims that they sell an item every 49 seconds. The app can be used conveniently from your Smartphone and works in eleven countries. If you’re confused as to how to price your clothes, the apps calculator will help you price them. The site however, charges 19% commission for the sales made from the site. It sends you a shipping label (prepaid) and gives you 5 days to pack your pieces and put them in the mail.


This site may already be known to you and you may be already selling some of your clothing on this site. But a little known fact about this site that celebs like Dita Von Teese, vlogger Chiara Ferragni also sell their vintage clothes here. Who knows, you could end up buying Dita’s vintage apparel too!

Cow Vintage

This site is quite popular with people looking to buy affordable vintage. You’ll get everything from flannel shirts, crop tops, shoulder bags, dresses, t-shirts etc. They have a reworked section too, where you can get vintage converted into modern styles.


Refashioner’s app Tictail is the place to shop for eclectic clothing. You can add character to your clothes’ collection by shopping with the Refashioner app. Refashioner believes that every vintage clothing has its own charming story behind it.


Rokit is a great site to find vintage clothes for the whole family. You can find some real retro gems from the 20s-80s. The site is incredibly easy to use as well, as it can be searched era wise.



On Tradesy, you can sell as well as buy clothes. You are bound to do that as the sales you make are credited to your account at Tradesy, and you can use these profit points to buy clothes from Tradesy. The site also suggests the best sellers and what price they have sold for. The return policy is hassle free, which makes it more attractive and you can get good designer clothes or formal wear from this site.


At Poshmark, you can follow anyone’s virtual closet. You can add your measurements to ensure that you have the perfect fit. If you find someone with clothes fitting your measurements, you can be a regular customer. The site features ‘posh’ designers like Michael Kors, J. Crew, Anthropologie etc, and bump off upto 70% of the price.

There are many other sites like Plus Equals, William Vintage etc where you can get wonderful vintage clothing at reasonable prices. The sites have security precautions, refund information etc which you definitely should go through before purchasing.

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