Best Business Directory Plugins in WordPress

Business Directory Plugins in WordPress

Due to the Covid-19, though the world has stuck, online business has been in its raise. Specifically, the WordPress industry has gained a lot more space in the online arena. More specifically, like other online businesses, online directory listing business is increasing and turning out to be one of the most popular means of online earning.

Creating a directory website from the scratch with the help of raw coding is pretty time consuming. But the question is how can you make it happen effortlessly?

Well, WordPress directory plugin can play a great role in this regard to reduce all your burden. But the confusion arises when it comes to choosing a quality directory plugin where there are hundreds of options out there in the market. In this article, we’ll be describing the top 5 quality WordPress directory plugins to fix up your confusion.

5 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

Before we go into the detailed discussion, we would love to list all the plugins first. Then we’ll go one after another.

  • Directorist
  • Directories Pro
  • Connection
  • Business Directory Plugin
  • GeoDirectory

Now, let’s start with the detailed discussion.

1. Directorist


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Directory is the fastest-growing directory plugin in WordPress by wpWax, a sister concern of SovWare. You can create almost all types of directory websites using this amazing plugin. Core plugin is free of cost and you can find it from the WordPress plugin repository. Moreover, the plugin offers 20+ cost-effective extensions to scale up your online directory. If you see the review. Ratings, and rank in the WordPress plugin repository, you’ll definitely get the worthiness of the plugin.

There are certain rare features that are available in Directorist. Ranked Featured Listings, Live Chat, Ads Manager, and Booking are some of them that you’ll hardly find in any other directory plugins. Moreover, the plugin is built with SEO-friendliness, multilingual facility, and RTL facility. In the next official release, it will add a custom form builder facility and multi directory support facility. Overall, using Directorist you will have a one pack directory management solution for the directory business. There are several advanced integrations available for making your directory website even scalable.

2. Directories Pro

Directories Pro

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Directories Pro is one of the best WordPress directory plugins at ThemeForest. This plugin helps you to create community driven directory websites in WordPress. You’ll get an exclusive directory management system to organize your online directories. The developers of the plugin provide sound support if you face any kind of problem dealing with the plugin.

The plugin is fully customizable as you can add custom fields to listing, categories, and own custom taxonomies. Moreover, you can use search & filter with auto suggestion facility. Front-end user submissions with different integrations are available here with the plugin.

3. Connection


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Connection is another easy solution for the directory business owners who want to create directory listing websites. The core plugin is free of cost and there are several free extensions for the users. The plugin also offers a bunch of paid extensions to scale up the functionalities of directory websites.

There are some of the premium templates that are available using the plugin. They are as handy as you don’t need to customize and design a directory by yourself. If you want to create any type of small directory, you can make it happen using those templates.

4. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin

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The Business Directory Plugin is another quality plugin in the directory category for WordPress users. You’ll get more advanced features like customizing form fields, image support, payment acceptance, and so on. You’ll get different modules available here to manage your directory website in a precise way.

Moreover, the plugin provides you with the front-end submission facility that allows users to submit the listing and modify the content without logged in to the website. There are other facilities as well like import facility through CSV file format, reCAPTCHA, and so on.

5. GeoDirectory


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GeoDirectory is another complete solution out there you can go for. The plugin provides you all the basic features as well as the advanced. Though the plugin covers almost all types of directory websites, it’s more focused in creating global directories.

Usually the core plugin is free but it also offers you a bunch of premium extensions to extend the functionalities. The plugin provides you multisite compatibility with advanced searching capability.

It’s Your Turn

There are more than hundreds of online directory plugins in WordPress. We have trimmed down the list a bit to make things easy for you. These are the most popular and versatile WordPress directory plugins in the market.

All the plugins work fine here to serve your purpose in terms of directory category. This works easily with the WordPress site as users can submit connections business directory setup requests.

Final Words

Choosing a quality WordPress directory plugin could be a tough task if you don’t know how to choose. If you want to start with the directory business, then choosing one of the above mentioned ones could be the best bet to serve your purposes.

We hope the article helped you a lot to get the information about the best WordPress directory plugins so that you can choose the right one from the list. If you still have any confusion or want to share something, let us know in the comment section below.

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