Braille Interpreter: Braille is no more a complicated language

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Introduction of the ‘Braille language’ by Louis Braille, a Frenchman, about a century back was certainly a blessing for the visually impaired. However, mastering the ‘Braille’ isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, as it requires professional training and a lot of practice to master the special language. Designer Hyung Jin Lim has come up with an innovative device called the ‘Braille Interpreter’ that helps in interpreting the complicated language, making life easier for the visually deprived. Coming in the shape of a single finger glove, the interpreter is a tactile sensor, a Bluetooth headphone and interpreting software. Users may simply wear the glove, which interprets the feed by moving the index finger over the Braille alphabets and transfers to the headphone as voice data through Bluetooth. The Braille Interpreter is certainly an innovative design for a noble cause. Cheers!

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Via: Yanko Design

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