Chomp multifunctional bench folds flat for easy storage and transportation

chomp bench 01

Inspired by an ant, designer Stéphane Angoulvant has come up with a multifunctional bench called the “Chomp Bench” that featuring a playful design encourages all members of the family to interact with each other. Designed to function both as indoor and outdoor furniture, the modular bench is finished with a single sheet of 4’ by 8’ maple Europly that folds flat for easy storage as well as transportation. The Chomp comprises 14 parts which fix together without requiring any screw or glue. The flexibility of design allows a great variety of activities and usages, such reading, writing, eating and playing. The engaging aesthetics of this bench makes it an interesting sculptural object when not in use.

chomp bench 02
chomp bench 03
chomp bench 04

Via: Studio.angoulvant

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