Clever ways to update and modernize your office’s look and feel

update and modernize your office's look and feel

While productivity, efficiency, financial results and satisfied customers are integral to any successful business, it’s important to remember to look after your employees. One way to do this is with a pleasing working environment, as this can automatically equate to happier employees. With this in mind, it may be time to consider updating and modernizing the look and feel of your office.

1. Introduce the latest technology


Of course, this doesn’t have to include the likes of drones and artificial intelligence, but rather instead, new tablets and desktops that run at high speed. Integrated technologies will also allow you to declutter workspace as piles of documents and archives will be reduced; save space and use the Cloud. Moreover, this also means data will be easier to locate at a future date, saving employees time and saving you money. 

2. Prioritize time and space for relaxation

Although it may sound contradictory, regular breaks can enhance productivity. With this in mind, make space in your office where employees can relax. Add to this space; magazines, a bookshelf, a games console, football table, pool table, whatever you think will help to retain and improve job satisfaction amongst employees. This will afford employees a reason to take a break from their screen and help them to rejuvenate – luxury office design is what it’s all about.  

3. Upgrade office furniture

Upgrade office furniture

Furniture is as much a staple of any office as… a stapler! And, by upgrading current furniture to something more modern, this can take the project to a new level. Nowadays, there is just as much emphasis placed on the purchasing of desks and chairs as there is on office technology. Desks and chairs must be as ergonomic as they are comfortable and suited to each employee – the majority of office workers spend nearly forty hours a week in the office so they must be comfortable at all times.

4. Use bright colors

Before you decide to give the office a lick of paint, it’s wise to evaluate what certain spaces are used for. For example, that relaxation area we just discussed – vibrant colors such as yellow or orange are likely to evoke a sense of relaxation. Whereas if you are looking to encourage creativity, energizingcolors such as blue and green can prove useful. 

5. Open-plan is the way to opt

Open-plan is the way to opt

Closed and partitioned offices need to be left in the past. Many businesses are now shifting towards open-plan workspaces, rather than opting for private cubicle office spaces. Such cubicles can cause a divide between staff members and also lower staff morale. Breakdown such unnecessary barriers and choose an open-plan office design; this way, employees will no longer feel isolated. 

6. Teamwork is paramount

Bring the team together by making room in the new office to share thoughts and ideas as one. The likes of whiteboards and chalkboards are old school, but also a fantastic way to collaborate and get everyone brainstorming as one. You could even set the ball rolling by making this is as the starting point and ask the team for their ideas in regards to a new office!

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